We stock quality hydraulic mobile & industrial valves – including threaded, CETOP, Cartridge & Circuit types…with choices of Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Manual operation. Valves are available for all circuits: pressure, flow, overcentre, sequence, priority, dividers, combiners, diverters, ball, check, needle…and many more.
Many leading makes available from stock, other makes sourced worldwide.

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CETOP Valves

CETOP 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 & 10 available, with electric, pneumatic, manual & hydraulic pilot control options.


Single and multiple cavity standard line mount manifolds & cartridges, each available in a choice of aluminum (3000 psi/210 bar) and mild steel (5000 psi/350 bar). Port options include NPTF, SAE, BSPP, and Code 61 and Code 62 flanges.

Types of cartridge valves available:

Check and Shuttle; Flow Control; Overcentre; Motion Control; Lock; Relief; Sequence; Unloading; Regenerative; Pressure Reducing


2, 3 + 4 way Ball Valve combinations; Manifold Mounted; Flow Control; Check; Gauge Isolator; Custom-Design; Accessories & Options

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We offer hydraulic spool valves, diverter valves and complete mechatronic systems for the mobile equipment market. Manufacturers are constantly designing & developing products & systems to provide hydraulic and electronic control to almost any hydraulic function of machine movement.

Directional Valves

Simple , compact and heavy duty designed valves for open and closed centre hydraulic systems..

- Fitted with a main pressure relief valve and a load check valve.

- Available with parallel, series or tandem circuits.

- Optional carry--over port (only for parallel or tandem circuit).

- Interchangeable spools.

- A wide variety of service port valve options.

- Actuation options include manual, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic with solenoid and remote with flexible cables & spool control kits.

Diverter Valves

They’re simple, compact and heavy duty designed, with cast iron body and steel spool.

Available from 2-way to 10-way, diverter valves are suitable for intercepting and diverting the flow on hydraulic systems, wherever movement sequence or control selection of different actuators is needed.