flexible hoses

Whether you need loose hose, fittings or complete assemblies, we offer a massive range from stock.

If your application is for liquid or gas, pneumatic or hydraulic, we cater for them all. We sell hose in PVC, Rubber, Silicone, Nylon, Poly-U, EPDM, PTFE and various alloys.

To complete your pipework, we offer a huge range of end fittings, including BSP, JIC, DIN, BSPT, NPT, SAE, ORFS, most of which are available in plastic, brass, mild or stainless steel materials.

For your convenience, we also offer a free Hose Management Service , whereby we computerise your hose stock on our system & label them with your unique number, all to reduce your downtime. Alternatively, get your sample down to our Trade Counter, where our experts will make you a replacement While-U-Wait.

> Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hose assemblies are used to transmit force by means of oil pressure, and consist of flexible hoses to which fittings are attached at either end to ensure safe, interlocking connections. The correct choice of hose assembly components is influenced by many factors, in particular the dynamic working pressure, resistance to the media being transmitted and operating temperatures. Here at A1, we’ve been making hose assemblies for many years, so we’ll make sure you get the right product you need for your job.

> Industrial Hoses

If you need a hose for high pressure water, chemical or even high temperature, we stock a variety of hose types and materials to suit your application.

We can supply loose hose or assemblies, from 1/8” to 4” from stock or on quick lead-times…all to keep your machines running with the minimum delay.


Whether it’s acid or solvent, we stock a range of hoses to tackle most aggressive fluids. We also stock various types of metal and non-ferrous material end fittings.


We offer a variety of hoses to suit most mineral based fuels – diesel, petrol etc. Hoses are either rubber, plastic or PTFE compounds, and guarantee long service life in difficult applications.


We stock a variety of hoses to suit pneumatic applications, including nylon, rubber, PTFE, & PVC. We also offer fittings, couplings, clips, clamps & sleeves…all to get your job fixed and up-and-running as quicky as possible.


If you need hoses that can handle high pressure & temperature steam, then we have a hose range to suit your application. We offer rubber jet wash, PTFE stainless steel braided and metallic hoses. We also carry stainless end fittings in BSP, JIC, NPT, Metric, Flanges and many others.


We offer a range of hoses to suit low and high pressure water applications…from PVC braided to High Pressure rubber Jet Wash, from ¼ - 2” bore…and beyond. Complete with fittings, couplings, clamps & clips to suit your job.