We stock Hydraulic pressure, return & sution filter assemblies, and can offer a wide range of replacement cartridge and spin-on elements. There’s various micron and media options, including fibre, paper and mesh.

In addition, we offer a sonic cleaning service for mesh elements, and you can buy or hire our portable off-line oil flushing/kidney units from stock.

> > pressure filters

High Pressure Filters are designed for in-line hydraulic applications, with a maximum operating pressure of 420 bar / 6000 PSI. Used together with quality filter elements, a high efficiency of contaminant removal is assured. The high dirt-hold capacity of elements ensures long service life and, as a result, reduced maintenance costs and down time.

> > Replacement Elements

We stock a large and comprehensive range of industry leading brand named replacement elements. Wherever possible we offer genuine replacements, but where these are scarce, too expensive or no longer available we have a huge database and library covering most industry makes and models, and so are well placed to source competitive, quality alternatives. Send us an enquiry…you might be pleasantly surprised…!

> > Suction and Return Line Filters

Return-Line filters are installed in the return line itself, on top of the tank lid or within the oil. They filter the hydraulic oil before it flows back to the tank. This ensures that contamination arising from components down stream do not enter the tank. Return-line filters maintain the targeted purity class similarly to pressure filters, but are usually a lower micron rating to maintain the level of flow, and should be considered as only an additional or basic level of filtration.